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Recognized by the International Dyslexia Association & 

Center for Effective Reading Instruction.

High Quality Dyslexia Tutoring & Support 


Meet Lisa Brill

Certified Dyslexia Practitioner

National LETRS Trainer

Hi, I’m Lisa Brill and I am a Reading Specialist based in South Florida. My journey began almost two decades ago while working as a 4th Grade Reading Intervention Teacher in Boston, Massachusetts. Recently I celebrated my 10th year working as a K-5 Reading Specialist at a top-performing school in South Florida.

I have been so blessed to work with some of the most talented students & educators at some of the most amazing schools and am especially passionate about helping individuals with dyslexia receive high-quality, effective instruction grounded in the Science of Reading.  


Literacy Services
By Ascend Literacy

I offer tutoring services to children & adults with Dyslexia, in addition to consulting services for schools interested in implementing the Science of Reading.     All of my services begin with a free intake. 

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Let’s begin with getting to know your child as a reader. This helps me understand his/her strengths and weaknesses in reading, share insights and suggestions.

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Tutoring sessions from a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner using the Wilson Reading System. Sessions may be offered remotely, in person, or at your child’s school.

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Literacy Consulting

Custom-tailored reading packages that can be created to fit the unique and individual needs of your school or organization. Schedule a free consultation.


Reading development
according to Ehri's Phases

Our brains may be wired for speaking, but they are actually not wired for reading and writing. Read below to learn more about how literacy skills evolve throughout a child’s development.



Building a solid foundation in literacy begins at birth.  How exactly does one read to an infant? Is my little one absorbing this story? These are all great questions with a not so complicated answer.


Partial Alphabetic

Around the time your child has turned 4 their brains have already begun laying the foundation for Literacy.  Now is the time to have more fun with the literacy activities you naturally engage in at home.


Full Alphabetic

Your reader is now ready to link speech sounds to spell words phonetically and is starting to "chunk" common word families.  Get ready to look out for the many light bulbs during this phase!


Consolidated Alphabetic

During this miraculous phase, your 7 to 8 year old reader is ready to launch into fluent, confident 
reading and really experience the true essence of reading - understanding. 


Reading Resources 
for Parents

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