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 About Lisa 

 Hi, I’m Lisa Brill and I am a Reading Specialist based in South Florida.  I offer tutoring services for children & adults with Dyslexia and provide support to schools in their implementation of the Science of Reading.


Lisa Brill

Certified Dyslexia Practitioner

National LETRS Trainer

My journey began almost two decades ago while working as a 4th Grade Reading Intervention Teacher in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Up until this point, my teaching experience consisted of teaching 3rd grade in the Dutch Caribbean island, Curacao, and my hazy undergraduate Teaching Practicum experience at Perkins School for the Blind - not exactly good credentials for what my 4th grade struggling readers needed.

I left work most days exhausted and heartbroken because I knew that what I was teaching these kids was completely ineffective.

The struggles I faced that year are what  led me to obtain my Master’s in Education. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have enrolled at Simmons University’s Language & Literacy program, a program that was founded by Barbara Wilson (from Wilson Reading System) and grounded in the Science of Reading.


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My Transformative Experience

The beauty of this truly transformative experience was that I was able to loop with the same group of students the following year. I have never felt so empowered, prepared and excited to put into practice everything I was learning about how to effectively teach Reading to students who struggle. The growth I witnessed that year was remarkable and sparked a fire within me ever since. 

Recently I celebrated my 10th year working as a K-5 Reading Specialist at a top-performing school in South Florida. I have been so blessed to work with some of the most talented students & educators at some of the most amazing schools and am especially passionate about helping individuals with dyslexia receive quality, effective instruction that is grounded in the Science of Reading! 

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